A large number of professional and industrial sectors have been able to increase efficiency and productivity through digitisation, whereas the construction industry has not succeeded in doing so in recent years.

The construction industry ranks in the lower range in most countries


Our philosophy and approach uses the added value of digiatlization to achieve the project goals. Efficiency and optimisation requirements are a matter of course.

Cost minimization as well as schedule and quality assurance are the priority project goals, influenced by risk and change management. To achieve these goals, we generate decision templates based on live data and information. This is the only way for project management to be able to react quickly and in time to faults and obstacles.

For the handling of the digital models and the associated project management we use two unchangeable principles:

SPoT (Single Point of Truth)

The data model contains ALL data that are necessary or available for the planning, realisation and operation of the building. It is made available transparently to every project participant. Only in this way can the digital optimization processes take effect

SPoC (Single Point of Contact)

The wealth of data and information must be managed and regulated centrally. The data and information manager is an integral part of our project management.

The key is to provide the right data and information to the right person(s) at the right time

The digital project management

Digitisation is finding its way into all areas of the building industry, from the project idea to the revitalisation or demolition of a building.

In each of the associated project phases there are different (also digital) solution approaches, which are mostly only used separately.

Our digital project management combines the best methods from the project phases and puts them into a holistic and consistent context that focuses on the life cycle of the building.

Whether you entrust us with the various management services or whether we advise you on them: We put our principles and methods at the service of your project goals!

The digital transformation
bring your company into the new age

The digital working methodology requires the use and safe handling of the appropriate work equipment.

In addition to independent advice on the selection of the best tools, we show you possible ways into the digital world of construction.


The application supports the monitoring of construction projects in all phases of the life cycle. It consists of several modules and serves as a control and monitoring tool for project management.

Core modules:

Key Performance Indicators
Continuous cost analysis - Live!
Scheduling in planning and construction - Live!

Side modules (partly under development)

Digital LEAN Management
Change and fault management
Database based data and document management
Construction Site Logistics
Completion forecasts
Digital construction diary


Our top 3

  • BMW Group Future Mobility Development Center
  • BMW Group FIZ Projekthaus Nord
  • Der neue Gasteig Munich
BMW Group Future Mobility Development Center
BMW Group FIZ Projekthaus Nord
Der neue Gasteig Munich