Digital project management makes your construction projects …


high quality

more cost effective

…in the planning, execution and operating phase of a building.


«We don’t consider consulting as an obstacle that stands in the way of action, we rather consider it a prerequisite of wise action.»


Digital Project Management

Digitisation is finding its way into all areas of the building industry, from the project idea to the renovation or demolition of a building.

In each of the associated project phases there are different (also digital) solution approaches, which are mostly only used separately.

Our digital project management combines the best methods from the project phases and puts them into a holistic and consistent context that focuses on the life cycle of the building.

Whether you entrust us with the various management services or whether we advise you on them: We put our principles and methods at the service of your project goals!

Feel free to browse through our FAQ section and find comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked questions about digital project management and BIM.

Discover Building Information Modeling for your area.


Digital project magaement

Digital project magaement

  • The BIM methodology (SPoT and SPoC)
  • LEAN management (design and construction)
  • Digital construction process simulation BIM to FM
  • Data and information management
  • Common Data Environment


BIM Container


  • State-of-the-art container for on-site use on the construction site
  • Digital LEAN - Construction Management
  • Digital monitoring of construction progress
  • Digitally supported commissioning
  • Construction process simulation with calculated schedules


Digitize your business!

Digitize your business!

  • Introduction and use of digital methodology
  • Implementation of BIM, clouds and ticketing in internal work processes
  • Online - Working Methodology




  • Digital scheduling and monitoring - LIVE
  • Digital cost monitoring in all project phases - LIVE
  • Your most important project data in sight - at any time and LIVE


Additional services

Additional services

  • 3D scans of the building with point clouds and modeling
  • 3D scans with drones for progress monitoring
  • Augmented Reality for FM and object monitoring
  • Virtual reality in the planning phase

Our competence

You need us in the design, execution and operation phases of a building because …

we understand how to meet the challenges of construction through the effective use of digital methodology

our commitment is not just an empty promise

we have the expertise in the technical, social and methodological fields, as well as the means and experience to meet this challenge.

Our projects

Der neue Gasteig Munich
BMW Group Future Mobility Development Center
BMW Group Future Mobility Development Center
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BMW Group FIZ Projekthaus Nord

€ 400 million project volume

Research and Innovation Center

BMW Group Future Development Center

€ 350 million project volume

Test track

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Der neue Gasteig Munich

€ 450 million project volume

General renovation

Our Team


CEO / BIM Consultant Senior / Engineering

Is our head. After his studies he worked in the execution and planning of TA (technical equipment), mostly in project management for large projects. More than 25 years ago he founded CHT Plan GmbH in Munich, which is now known as Plan & Co GmbH. During his time in Vienna as managing director of a TGA planning office, he founded 4project GmbH in 2007. Werner leads our team as a cooperative role model and organizational talent, coordinating and implementing quickly. A special concern for him is his participation in the AHO Technical Equipment Expert Commission Building Information Modelling & in the IPA Center.


BIM Consultant Senior / Engineering

Is our man of action. His top priority is to successfully realize the plans and goals of his customers. He spares no effort and is happy to leave his comfort zone. This is also one of the reasons why he is a valued contact in the construction industry for demanding construction projects. He learned the trade of technical draftsman from scratch and worked as a CAD manager in well-known companies at a young age. As a CAFM project manager, he was significantly involved in the construction of over 100 bank branches in Croatia. In 2008 he founded the drawing office “tomiCad”, since 2012 he is managing partner of “Plan & Co GmbH”. Off the record, he is also known as a workaholic. In the hustle and bustle of the day, he always keeps an eye on the well-being of his employees and knows how to enjoy the fine things in life.


IT Consultant Senior

Is our IT expert. After managing first and second level IT support for a 5000 employee corporation, he ventured into building industry and dedicated himself to the application of digital ways of working.
Based on his LPIC and ITIL certifications, open source working and a high level of detail are guiding principles for him.
His straightforward and consistent approach and his organizational talent promote the fusion of IT methods and construction projects.
In addition, he is the CEO of our branch in South East Asia and strongly rejects any form of paper consumption.


Marketing & Sales Manager

Tina Tomic is our generalist. She began her career at Coca-Cola in the finance department and was chairwoman of the works council. This was followed by jobs in Human Resources, as Executive Assistant, in Project Management, in Organizational Development and most recently at Dunkin’ Donuts as Operational Manager for Austria. Tina is versatile, which she proves with her education: Product Management, Marketing & Sales and Project Management, to name a few. At 4project she takes care of marketing and sales and is your contact person in these matters. We appreciate Tina as a humorous, warm person with a strong common sense.


BIM Consultant Junior / Engineering

Is our technician. After his apprenticeship and further training as a state-certified technician specializing in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology, he was involved in international projects as a design engineer. In the past four years, he successfully accompanied two international construction projects for BMW as BIM coordinator and TGA technician. André’s strengths are his strong coordination and teamwork skills, as well as an analytical and structured approach to work, coupled with a quick grasp of the issues.


BIM Consultant Senior / Architecture

Is our tactician. He has been successfully working in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry for 20 years, focusing on digital/BIM projects and their strategic implementation. Frankie has been successful in a variety of sectors, most notably aviation and healthcare. At our company, Frankie leads the deployment and development of the Digital/BIM culture across multiple global processes. He is passionate about supporting people in these areas and providing advice and guidance. His many years of experience and leadership skills (believe us, it’s very hard to get him off balance!) make him the reliable person to talk to and contact for all those who want to learn intensively about the benefits of digitalization in today’s and tomorrow’s working world.


Technical Consultant Senior / Engineering

Tom is our original and passionate technician. Straightforwardness and opencommunication are his traits that we value among others. Coupled with his technical and economical subtlety, he is a constant and successful advisor in critical project situations. His many years of
technical knowledge, especially in data centers, helps us in quality control during the planning and execution phases. Should you be looking for him on the construction site, keep an eye out for the man with the cigar and the hat.


Sales & Marketing Manager

Is our communicator. After her commercial training, she first worked for several years in a company that was involved in the development of software (merchandise management system) for medium-sized companies. Afterwards she changed to an office for structural engineering as assistant to the management, passed the trainer aptitude test and then worked for many years in a Viennese planning office. Petra has many talents, is empathetic, communicative and solution-oriented. She demonstrates these strengths every day at 4project in the Sales & Marketing department.


BIM Consultant Senior / Architecture

Is our specialist. He is well informed in the field of industrial construction, office buildings and construction costs. After completing his studies in architecture, he worked not only in planning, but also in real estate marketing, project development and project controlling. At the BMW Group, he advised his colleagues on national and international large-scale projects in terms of costs and headed the working group “BIM 2 Cost”. He is keen to integrate the topic of costs more strongly into the BIM world. We know Thomas as an open-minded dialog partner who is always looking for common solutions and who also likes to break new ground.

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